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BoRG Board 

This is no longer our recommendation for starting out. However, we do still offer this as an opportunity if one is so inclined to start this way.

Our first group project will be to build an initial board which we will use for many of our future robotics projects. The project will be lead by Paul V. who will assist in design, layout, and actual construction. The board will be approximately 4x6 in size.

To view the parts list, click here.

To view the board layout, click here.

To view the board schematic, click here.

To view the board after etching, click here.

To view the board with most parts (except PIC), click here.

Testing prior to Stamp insertion, click here.

To view the basic stamp, click here.


A resistor restricts the flow of current. For example, it limits the current passing through an LED. A resistor is used with a capacitor in a timing circuit.

A circuit is a path for electrons to flow through a conductor. This path is from the negative terminal of the power source to the positive terminal. Circuits are made up of the power source, a path, the load, and the controls.

Voltage is electromotive force or the pressure that causes the current to flow in a circuit. It is measured in Volts (V or E).

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