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Ohms Law  
Ohms law is V = I x R. Explain this formula and how it is used in calculating the amount of resistance needed in a circuit.
If you find a resistor with the following color bands:

Brown, Black, Red, Silver

What is the amount of resistance in ohms?


Thank you for visiting the Boise Robotics Group. We created the group in early 2004 to assist the Boise community in learning the wonderful and fantastic hobby of robotics. If you want to find out what we're all about, feel free to join us during our next meeting (see Announcements & Events). While most of the data on this website is now quite dated, we are still actively meeting once a month.

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Group Meetings  
Centennial High School, Boise, Idaho
BoRG meetings are always held the third Saturday morning (10:00am to 12:00pm) of each month. Due to the new Body exhibit at DCI, the Borg meetings are temporarily moved to Hobby Town in Cole Village on the NW corner of Cole Rd and Ustick Rd.

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