Robotics and Man

The knowledge of man never stopped to widen its scope. And with the discovery of technology, there is a rapid flow of innovations that were once mere ideas and fantasies to people. Also, there are a lot of fields and disciplines which are developed to give recognition and specialization to the new branches of science and its studies, one of which is robotics.

Robotics as a Discipline

Robotics is a branch of several interplaying formal disciplines of science: computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Robotics is a special field that deals for a wide operation of robots. This includes the construction and designing as well as the development of the operation system of robots. The application and usage of robots is also under robotics. Hence, it is important that the control, information processing and the special sensory feedback of robots are managed in the robotics field.

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Robotics is a term coined from a literature work in the 1940’s whose writer was ignorant that he was coining a word that will be specially used in the technological era of today. And this was later on adopted in Oxford English Dictionary. Actually, the term was derived from the word robot which was a big issue and fantasy in those days. Robot was also first used as a fiction character because back in those years, it was just a wonder how a machine can act and look like a real human being.

These ideas have never left the great minds of discoverers and innovators that today, robots have become real and have far exceeded the expectations and fantasies of the past generation about them. In fact, the field of robotics is now a very developed discipline that their robot products have become vital in some operations where man cannot perform the job.

Basic Mechanisms in Robotics

The manufacturing and production of robots can come in many different styles and designs along with several different features. Nevertheless, how a robot works has only three main aspects. Robotics only uses these three factors to actually build the main body and functions of a robot. Without these, there will be no robot.

The Mechanical Frame

Robots don’t only come as a mimicry to man. In fact, robots are of different forms for different purposes. Hence, it is essential for it to have the right body structure and frame. The material used and the design and style of a robot’s structure define its main purpose of creation. Take for instance a robot which is made to do assignments in places which is intended to go underwater. From the casings to the protective layers that it must be made of, this kind of robot must withstand the risks from the waters.

Aside from the frame is the mechanical attributes of a robot. How a robot moves and its other mechanical movements are important to the success of a robot’s function. Hence, planning the structure of a robot in its layout is important.

The Electronic Aspect

Another important aspect in robotics is the electrical component of a robot. This gives the life of the robot. Comparing the robot to the human body, the mechanical frame stands for the organs and other parts of the body which function to support and achieve the main purpose of a human body. The electronic aspect represents the circulatory system of humans. Hence, it is critical that the electronic aspect of a robot must be fully and perfectly structured so as not to present problems during its complete operation.

The Program

The program which is installed for a robot to actually accomplish its tasks works like the central nervous system of human beings. Without the brain and its components in the nervous system, the human body is like a doll without any processing thoughts, thus, no function at all. As a total imitation of man, robots are made to do and move through the computer programs that tell the body how to function and how to respond. Robotics use codes in creating programs for the robots. And these programming can be further categorized into three types.

  • The radio control (RI) program relies mostly to a live human operator. The robot will follow all the instructions given to him but is nor able to respond and think like human. They are to be controlled.
  • The artificial intelligence (AI) program is a complete opposite of the first type. The robot is programmed to make its own response as well as interpretation of the task at hand. This type of robot is preprogrammed; hence, there is also a limit of functions that it can do. And those are only the functions and responses which are originally coded in the robot.
  • The hybrid shows to be the best robotic program developed. As the name suggests, this type of program is a combination of the two former programs. This way, the robot can work on its own can also be dependent on its controller.

The Components in Robotics

There are a lot of factors which are being considered to actually call a robot creation to be a success. The three aspects cited above still include several general components which must work well together in order for the robot to function well, too. And among them are the:

Power source – a delicate element in robot making for this must be safe and powerful enough to support the robot to carry out its tasks.

Electronic parts – define the actual structure of a robot. These are composed of several pieces and elements as well to work together in carrying out the mission of the robot.

Organ parts – serve as the organs in the body. These will be the one to actually give human characteristics to the robot. These include the manipulation, visual, locomotor ability.

The Continuous Development in Robotics

Robotics has never stopped to grow. Indeed, the field is now well recognized that those who intend to pursue a career in robotics need an intensive training and study plus a certification from the international robotics authority such as the RCSA in order to be fully recognized. Moreover, the continual development in robotics has also marked the increase in employment. Thus, this branch has given man another avenue to become more advanced and make life much easier and convenient.